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USNTF Instructor Certificate

1st Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


2nd Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


3rd Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


4th Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


5th Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


6th Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


7th Dan USNTF or Kukkiwon


 Instructor Patch Included

USNTF Club Member Only

USNTF Club Membership


As a registered USNTF Club Member, you can obtain a wide range of certificates for your students at a significantly lower price. The USNTF holds several different seminars throughout each year that you would be invited to attend. If you are interested in hosting a USNTF Seminar or Tournament in your area, we can assist you in organizing this event.

Once you are a USNTF Club Member, you will have the option to invite Grand Master Dr. Duk Gun Kwon to attend or judge any of your promotions. You can also have your club information listed in the USNTF National Directory on our website. Request to have an application mailed to you now!


Club Member Benefits:

  • Dan Certification (Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumdo)

  • Kukkiwon Certification (from World Taekwondo Head Quarters)

  • USNTF Instructor Certification

  • USNTF Master Instructor Certification

  • Insurance Coverage (Primary, not secondary insurance)

  • Tournament Insurance

  • Business Seminars

  • State, Regional and National Competitions

  • Business Consultation

  • Martial Arts Supplies Wholesale from KWONS-PIKA


Download a USNTF Club Member Application.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

USNTF Individual Membership

Any USNTF Club Members may obtain USNTF Individual Memberships for themselves and their students. The USNTF Individual Membership offers the following:


  • USNTF Member Card

  • USNTF Patch




Download a USNTF Individual Member Application.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

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