NSMA Tournament 2012

South Texas Open 2012 Taekwondo/Gumdo Championships
Place: San Antonio College
1300 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio
TX 7821

September 29, 2012
Don’t miss this great Taekwondo event!
For more information, contact: National School of Martial Arts at 210-558-9644

Tom Cameron Banquet

Tom Cameron Celebrating
40 years in Martial Arts


Grand Master Kwon - March 31st, 2012






Alvaro Gomez Belt Test 3-3-12

Belt Promotion Test, March
3rd, 2012
Gomez Taekwondo in Chicago, Illinois

Re-naming Taekwondo Park in Korea

On February 28th,

2012, the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation announced they are changing the name of the Taekwondo Park,in

Muju, Korea. The new name will be “TAEKWONDO WON”, and is scheduled to open in September 2013.

Kwon's Taekwondo

Kwon’s Taekwondo

Get in Shape and Learn to Defend Yourself!

Kwon’s Taekwondo, located in Franklin Park, Illinois, has trained thousands of students over the past 34 years, with more than 600 of them achieving Black Belt rank.

Please explore our website to learn more

about our school, our instructors, our programs and special events. We welcome you to join our successful Kwon’s family!

2011 9th Taekwondo Korea Trip

2006 USNTF Korea Trip

The 2011 Taekwondo Korea Trip will be on Friday October 8 – Sunday October 17, 2011. The total cost for the trip is $1995.00 and includes Round Trip Airfare, Lodging, Meals and Ground Transportation. This trip will be at:

  • Kukkiwon Special Training
  • Kukkiwon Special Promotion Test
  • Korea Taekwondo Association
  • World Taekwondo Federation
  • Taekwondo Park
  • Temple Stay Meditation
  • National Congress Center
  • KTX – New High Speed Train
  • Korean Traditional Falk Village
  • Local City Shopping and much more fun events
  • Gumdo Competition with Korean and USA Team

Spaces are limited, please contact USNTF (847-451-6000) and reserve your spot today ! Also let you know this trip will be with Grandmaster Kwon that means you will be treating as VIP on everywhere you visit.