PR Gumdo – Delacruz Photo Gallery

World Koryo Gumdo

2013 PR Gumdo – Delacruz

World Koryo Gumdo Seminar
May 2013 in Rincon, Puerto Rico
Master De La Cruz of Escorpion Tactical Martial Arts



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2012 Christmas Tournament

2012 USNTF Christmas Tournament

We had a great event Sunday, December 2nd.  There were approximately 250 competitors that participated.  Santa Claus even stopped by to give all the young children gifts!  Thanks to all the local martial arts schools for their support. 
I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did!

 ~Sincerely, Grand Master Kwon~

2013 Christmas Tournament

We had a great event, with just over 200 competitors, on December 8th at our 2013 USNTF Christmas Tournament. Thanks to all the schools that came out to participate and support this event!!!

18th USNTF International Championship & Seminars 2012

The 18th USNTF International Championships & Seminar 
held July 27 – 29, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Instructor seminar on Friday 7/27/12 was a great success with approximately 150 participants, including Black Belts, Instructors and Masters. Grand Master Ahn, from Kukkiwon in Korea, was quite impressed with the turnout for the Kukkiwon Poomse session.

Our 2-day Tournament event took place on Saturday & Sunday with more than 500 competitors from martial arts schools in the local Chicagoland area, Nationwide from many other states, as well as other countries. We had many great events such as a demonstration by our Koryo Gumdo Black Belt members with Master Lee from Korea and a great Taekwondo Aerobic performance by the team from Scotland!

Thank you to all the USNTF schools and competitors!  We appreciate your support and participation.
Grandmaster Dr. Duk Gun Kwon,
President of United States National Taekwondo Federation 

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